[HyperVAC-MAX] Multi-Purpose Vacuum Concentrators

HyperVAC-MAX is designed with an automatic system that includes timer stop/start functions with full programming and storage of all operating parameters, such as vacuum levels, chamber temperature and drying times. Supplied complete with a Diaphram vacuum pump to 7 mBar, DC drip catcher and ice cube container unit and all connectors, hoses, clips, and multi-purpose micro rotor for 200 x 2.0 ml microtubes. The performance can be increased by adding ice cubes around the drip catcher to increase the speed of evaporation.

HyperVAC-MAX empowered by HyperCOOL guarantees capacity and performance at higher level
Extended applications for concentrating wider range or larger volume of solvents
HyperCOOL by itself, when equipped with manifolds or chambers, becomes a versatile freeze dryer.
The compatible vacuum rotary vane pump generates vacuum down to 1 mbar inside the chamber.
Effective for evaporating organic solvents as well as concentrating dissolved nucleic acids
Up to 8 external bottles can be accommodated by the manifolds of HyperCOOL.
Automatic De-Vac and De-Ice functions installed

Technical Specifications
Model HC4055 HC4110
Ultimate Chamber Temp (at RT) (℃) -55 -110
Chamber Volume (L) 4
Trap (Chamber) Size (Ø x L) 165 x 202
Ice Condensing Capacity (kg) 3
Ice Cond. Performance (kg/day) 2.5
Condenser 3/4 HP (SC15MLX) 1/2HPx2 (SC12G)
Refrigerant R404A R507/R1150
Power Requirement (Resting, VA) 642 819
Dimension (W x D x H, mm) 400 x 660 x 570
Weight (kg) 58 72
Digital Readout Time, Temperature
* Refer to HyperVAC-LITE for VC2124 and VC2200

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