[HV-300] Gas-injected Automated Evaporator
Four Independent Timer Settings for Gas Injection Channels, each with 8 nozzles, allows each channel to be controlled separately,allowing different volumes and solvents to be evaporated simultaneously
Two Step Control of Gas/Air Injection pressure/time, allows both initial and running pressure to be altered on a time base. This allows a gradual change of pressure to prevent “bumping” of the sample on start up
Semi-helical Gas/Air flow via specially designed nozzles, generates a large sample surface area, to maximise the rate of evaporation
Temperature control of the water bath from ambient to 99°C
Status monitoring incorporating “traffic light” indication for heater, ventilation/extract fan and door closure. When all is OK the light is yellow, if there is malfunction or set is incorrect the corresponding light is red
Blue back-lighting to the sample chamber gives excellent definition for viewing the samples via either front or side windows. The light is on/off controlled by a separate switch on the back
Rear mounted extract/ventilation fan for rapid exhaust of gas/vapours (connection to duct & exhaust via fume hood)
Tempered Glass panels to chamber front, sides and top lid
Drain valve + hose for easy replacement of bath water
Diverse range of sample racks catering for various sample containers
Semi-helical Gas/Air flow via specially designed nozzles, generates a large surface area, to maximise the rate of evaporation
Air or N2 at a set pressure is continuously injected via a nozzle and corresponding valve gas line
Air or N2 blows down from the nozzle to the bottom of the sample tube, creating “vortex” thereby increasing the surface area, thus the rate of evaporation
Evaporated solvents are evacuated by the internal extract fan
Technical Specifications
Sample Capacity
Number of samples 6~32
Sample volume (㎖) 5~300
Gas Compressed air, Nitrogen, etc
Operating gas pressure (psi) 15~50
Pressure control Automated 2 step control (initial & operating pressure)
Time length of initial pressure (min) ~99
Time control (min) ~999 (4 independent)
Water bath temperature (℃) ~99
Forced evacuation of vapor gas Yes (by fan)
Power 220 VAC, 350 VA max
Dimension ( W x D x H, mm) 590 x 340 x 320
Weight (Kg) 26.5
Cat. No. HV300101
Concentration Result of HyperVap
Diverse Types of Racks
Available Nozzles for Tube Types

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