LaboShaker D600

Not Available in the USA


30 x 30 cm platform with "anti-slip" robust shaker
Max. load 3 kg
Can be adjusted to 140 rpm together with an angle up to 15°
Supplied with extra set of silicon pillar
Optional non-slip spiked mats available for 50 ml and 15 ml tubes
Optional rubber bands for tight fixing
Gel staining and destaining
 Western blot and membrane washing
 Any platform of ELISA reactions
 From simple mixing to catalytic reactions

Manual adjustment of rotational angle

Strong and robust silicon pillar

Fastening rubber band tied through the platform edge holes

Regularly spaced spike embossing for securing 50 ml and 15 ml tubes
Technical Specifications
Speed range (RPM) 0 ~ 140
Shaking angle ( °) 0~15
Max. load (Kg) 3.0
Platform area (W x D, mm) 295 x 295
Mains voltage (V) 220
Mains frequency (Hz) 50/60
Connected load (VA) 220
Dimensions (W x D x H, mm) 390 x 400 x 242
Weight (Kg) 8.2
Ordering Information

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