[1536] High speed microcentrifuge

Max. 15,000 rpm(21,206 xg) with 36-hole microrotor

Modern intuitive control panel with simultaneous display of all parameters

[mini] Personal microcentrifuge

Max. 13,500 rpm with 12-hole microrotor

Very quiet and robust design

[1524] High speed microcentrifuge

Max. 15,000 rpm(21,206 xg) with 24-hole microrotor

Simply economic & classic style

[1730R] Refrigrated, high speed microcentrifuge

Max. 17,000 rpm with 24-hole microrotor

Max. capacity 30 microtubes, 64 PCR tubes

Teflon coated rust-free chamber

[1248/1248R/1236R] Multi-purpose, high speed centr...

Max. 12,000 rpm with 8x50ml fixed angle rotor

Max. capacity 6x85ml (fixed angle rotor) / 4x250ml (swing-out rotor)

Selectable from bench top or floor standing models

[1580/1580R] Multi-purpose, high speed, table-top ...

Max. 15,000 rpm with 8 x 50ml fixed angle rotor

Max. capacity 6x250ml(fixed angle rotor)/ 4x750ml (swing-out rotor)

Ideal for multi-purpose application with a diverse collection of rotors and buckets

[1736R] Refrigerated, floor type high speed centri...

Max. 17.000 rpm(32,310xg) with 6 x 50 ml tubes

Max. capacity of 6 x 500 ml with fixed angle rotor

Space saving slim design with very quiet operation

[2236R] Refrigerated, large capacity, high speed c...

Max. 22,000rpm with 6x50ml tubes

Max capacity of 6x1000ml (fixed angle rotor)

Ideal for core laboratory or multi-user environment

7” touch screen panel with display of all parameters

[1096R] Refrigerated, large capacity centrifuge

Max. 10,000 rpm (14,900 xg) with 6 x 250 ml tubes

Max. capacity of 4x 1,400 ml (96 x 15 ml) with swing-out rotor

Ideal for high throughput NA preparation (5,324xg) & blood sample centrifugation

Low speed clinical centrifuge 406

Max. 4,000 rpm(2,000 xg) with 6x15ml fixed angle rotor

Ideal for routine clinical works of blood and urine centrifugation

Universal clinical centrifuge, 416

Max. 4,000 rpm(2,826 xg) with 4x100ml swing-out rotor

Max. 4 x 100 ml, 4 microplates, or 32 vacuutainers

Perfect for all around usage with a variety of buckets and tube adaptors

[HyperVAC-LITE] Tabletop Vacuum Concentrators

Efficient vacuum concentrator or drying of DNA/RNA sample with ease

Modular design for easy upgrade

[HyperVAC-MAX] Multi-Purpose Vacuum Concentrators

A compact, fast and environmentally friendly vacuum concentrator, Ideal for concentrating large or small samples in amounts ranging from 200 x 1.5/2 ml microtubes to 15 or 50 ml tubes

[HV-300] Gas-injected Automated Evaporator

Fast and economic concentration through efficient control of gas inlet

More samples at a time (up to 32 samples)

LaboShaker D600

3D motion shaker ideal for gentle and effective mixing

30 x 30 cm platform with “anti-slip” robust shaker

LaboShaker R100

Seesaw type shaker for mild agitation and mixing

27 x 18 cm platform with “anti-slip” robust shaker


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