Manufactured and tested to IEC standards, stable spinning operation within +/-2% variation
Steady and soft deceleration with dynamic brake technology
High capacity, strong compressor ensures fast cooling of chamber and samples
Fast cool function 4℃ in 5 minutes for fast start up and fast cool down of sample
Automatic rotor identification functions
Automatic RPM/RCF conversion
Triple or double laminated ABS/Steel door construction minimizes noise and heat transmissions
Safety door lock mechanism ensures the door is locked whilst in operation mode
Unique door-drop protection protects the operator and samples when loading and unloading
Automatic rotor identification secures operational safety
Automatic detection and alarms for imbalance, excess speed and heating
Automatic door-open scheme with safety level of aperture depth not to damage operators
Emergency door-lock release helps to open the instrument when power blackout or sudden stoppage occurs
The compressor-off function during door-open minimizes frosting and rusting
The Aerosol tight buckets and rotors prevent contamination and ensures safety
Autoclavable and corrosion resistant rotors ensure safety and long life
High-quality cabinets with scratch resistant powder coated finish
Intuitive touch button/screen with easy to follow controls
Easy to read LCD display with bright white lettering on a blue LCD background
Time control of pulse, timed, and continuous
Automatic RPM/RCF conversion for prompt detection of g-force
Easy to check actual rpm through the top window of door
Program memory for up to 100 (or 10) programs
Automatic rotor identification function
Automatic door-opening function when rotor is static, for easy retrieval of samples
A large assortment of rotors, fixed angle or swing-out with buckets and adaptors

Unique efficient air-cooling flow to reduce spinning frictions so that the temperature increase and noise are minimized

Exceptional design of vibration absorbing dampers to minimize trembling and noise
Dust free AC induction motor
Eco-safe refrigerant, R404a
Very quiet operation at lesser than 56 dB
Any rotors, sample containers, and adaptors can be manufactured according to customer’s specification
Flexibility of including any additional functions or programs in need

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